Cloud Transformation Project

We have assisted the Cabinet Office to put together Cloud Strategy, Cloud Adoption Lifecycle and Roadmap, Cloud Adoption Lifecycle which included, and not limited to, the following:

Cloud Pilot / POC; Cloud Mobilization and Transition; Cloud Modelling and architecture; Governance and Security with NCSC;  Cloud implementation and planning; Cloud integration with MuleSoft; Cloud collaboration and Cloud maturity (Cloud steady state); System API; Process API, and Experience API driven cloud adaption.

SOP (Single Operating Platform) is the largest Oracle implementation in the Europe. We were privileged to put together the following cloud re-hosting proposals:

  • SOP Re-hosting proposal on to AWS Cloud
    SOP Re-hosting on to OCI Cloud

Benefits achieved:

  • SOP Re-hosting proposal on to AWS Cloud demonstrated £2 million savings
  • SOP Re-hosting on to OCI Cloud proposal approved with estimated £3.5 million savings
  • Future proofing Legacy SOP and enabling of Cloud adaption
  • Enabled application integration, automation, continue improvement and continue deployment.

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