Hyper Talent Solutions is expert in how digital platforms can deliver better public services. Leverage our experience with local authority digital technology platforms to enable you to optimise your investment. Learn how to unlock the full functionality of your technology platform and deliver better digital services that customers want to use.


  • Assessment of digital platform usage and capabilities
  • Evaluation of platform deployment and configuration
  • Identification of additional functionality that can provide further benefits
  • Assessment of your delivery and support resourcing skills and capabilities
  • Assesses how effectively it is used to deliver digital services
  • Evaluation of how well your platform meets your business objectives
  • Advice on platform roadmap and product development
  • Recommendations on how your platform can be optimised and improved
  • High-level platform value for money assessment


  • Learn how to unlock the full functionality of your platformy
  • Fully exploit your platforms capabilities
  • Maximise your platform investment and deliver better digital services
  • Extensive experience of digital service delivery and cloud-based digital platformsl
  • Extensive experience of implementing digital services platforms for local government
  • Apply learning from local government and public and private sector
  • Accelerate delivery of digital services on your platform
  • Ensure you have the right skills and resources to deliver
  • Advice on how other organisations use platforms effectively
  • Ensure you can support and maintain your platform effective