Hyper Talent Solutions offers a service to use the available SAP integration products for integration across the Enterprise Landscape, being distributed on-premise and cloud application services. The SAP Hybrid Integration Services includes a combination of the different products available in the SAP Integration Suite.


  • Methodology for selecting the right-product for a specific integration style 
  • Offers templates and design patterns for the different integration types.
  • Provides implemented integration templates for different integration scenarios.
  • Provides proven standards, practices and governance.
  • Includes integration Reference Architectures, Design Patterns and delivery accelerators.
  • Provides access to experienced SAP Integration consultants worldwide.
  • Supports shared development environments for Cloud and On-Premises middleware.
  • Supports deployment processes for Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid and multitenant configurations.


  • Strategic Hybrid Cloud architecture that support changing business needs.
  • Potential to reduce Cloud adoption risks with incremental hybrid approach
  • Capability to build once deploy anywhere can reduce delivery costs.
  • Access to Capgemini's proven governance methods and technical experience.
  • Can improve agility and time to market for customer applications.
  • Input from expertise of Global Integration experience
  • Productivity accelerators can enable significant savings in cost/time.
  • Can reduce delivery risk with our proven, pre-built web services.
  • Can increase efficiencies by implementing business processes as shared services.