Hyper Talent Solutions is recognised as one of the leaders in Digital Transformation. Our work with MIT Sloan has benchmarked performance of over 600 organisations across sectors to help identify characteristics of a successful Digital Business. Our research guides us in helping UK government organisations establish strategy and roadmap for the enterprise.


  • Can help provide visual customer journeys and value maps
  • Can help provide high-level operating models for delivery of digital-services
  • Can help provide capability models to identify people/skills gaps
  • Can help deliver a cloud-first Digital Customer eXperience (DCX) vision
  • Can develop cloud-based DCX technology framework, using Hyper Talent Solutions reference architecture
  • Can help provide common integration patterns for cloud based services
  • Can help provide common data models for customer/product/performance data
  • Can help provide repository of case studies
  • Can help establish working prototypes to test customer’s business case


  • Can help establish Socialised digital roadmap for the enterprise
  • Can help establish Prioritised roadmap based on qualitative business case
  • Can help establish Flexible-IT architecture based on our DCX Framework
  • Can help establish operating model to deliver digital services
  • Can help business engage in research and design of strategy
  • Can help enable IT and business to be jointly engaged
  • Can enable decisions based on experiences/case-studies from similar organisations