Hyper Talent Solutions offers a range of Big Data architectural and analytic services (cloud and on-premise). We are experienced in designing "Big Data" systems including IoT infrastructure (real-time streaming) and are versed in Enterprise Architecture frameworks. We have proven expertise in processing and analyzing data at scale to provide actionable insights.


  • Big Data architecture aligned to strategic goals and user needs
  • Big Data technology expertise, e.g. Apache Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, Elasticsearch
  • Deep understanding of real-time streaming data processing paradigm
  • Agile delivery, lean analytics, multi-stakeholder approach
  • Data standards, data policies, governance and information framework design
  • Structured and unstructured data modelling: Schema design, metadata and provenance
  • Data cleansing, data transformation, data storage requirements
  • Data engineering, ETL pipeline design and analytics system design
  • AI and Machine Learning at scale
  • Immersive data visualisation


  • Greater insights and exploitation of your data, generating business value
  • De-risking start-up and new product/service development using cloud services
  • Rapid deployment of prototype solutions using proven agile methods
  • Roadmap of data analytics in your organization
  • Real-time monitoring and decision support, detect and predict issues faster
  • Improved data quality, KPIs to monitor data quality
  • Improved Information management and improved exploitation of data
  • Roadmap to deliver data strategy
  • Aligned with Government Digital Strategy
  • Secure analytics platform design