Hyper Talent Solutions can provide consultancy and advice services to assist enterprises in development of a strategy for mobile applications and solutions, while transitioning towards Cloud based services. Areas covered can include Mobile Devices, Mobile Applications development, Security and use of Cloud based services for implementation and management of mobile solutions.


  • Can be delivered using Hyper Talent Solutions and SMEs
  • Can fit as part of overall digital strategy
  • Can use mix of workshop and interview techniques
  • Can cover a broad scope from devices to Applications development
  • Can leverage Hyper Talent Solutions’s experience of Government IT
  • Offers access to Hyper Talent Solutions pre-built accelerators and models


  • Can help clients establish a coherent mobile strategy
  • Can help clients establish view of the need for mobility
  • Can help align mobile strategy with the needs of enterprise
  • Can help provide a model for delivery of mobile solutions
  • Can help build on the existing use of mobile devices
  • Can help avoid the inconsistent look and feel of Apps
  • Can help improve engagement with employees and customers
  • Can help define and enforce appropriate security in mobile solutions
  • Can help support use of Cloud and on-premise infrastructure services
  • Can help with current enterprise mobility and the future roadmap