Hyper Talent Solutions leverages a suite of cloud based data-hosting solutions to deliver a digital network that enables real-time monitoring, development and delivery of goods and services across disparate geographies. DSN delivers cloud planning solutions across a complex network to improve performance, reduce costs and drive inter-connected cloud based analysis


  • spectrum cloud, private cloud, community cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud
  • end-to-end supply chain, procurement, contractual, planning, manufacturing, inter-connected
  • Digitally enabled multi-nodal inventory management
  • Digital supply chain, planning, warehousing, inventory management, transport
  • Cloud enabled distributed visibility, performance, delivery, inter-dependency, control
  • Software as a service, Drill down, segmentation, 9-box model, geo-mapping
  • heat-map, geo-bubble map scalable, SQL, data visualisation, strategy, operational
  • Business intelligence, data-management, econometrics, geo-spatial visualisation tools
  • Automated Platform, Data cleansing, transformation migration, KPI benchmarks, industry
  • Launch support, Graphical format, dashboards, data-sets, integration, joins, cluster analysis


  • Data management, unstructured data, innovation, supply chain
  • Un-structured data, On the spot decisions, critical path analysis
  • Cloud transition, cloud planning, data visibility, data understanding, software service
  • Hybrid cloud enabled, closed loop feedback, vulnerability mitigation, risk management
  • Cloud based visualisation, immediate answers, KPI management, inter-dependency
  • Cross functional collaboration, multi-enterprise platform
  • Planning and execution facilities, process harmonization, harmonisation
  • Scalable, decision making technology, focal point analysis