Analysing the existing IT estate in the business and identifying systems and applications that can be migrated to cloud providing business benefit. Hyper Talent Solutions look at the client’s current IT landscape. Using this information, we assess the likely total cost of ownership benefit of cloud computing and plan cloud adoption.


  • Gathering the detail of the current IT estate                                                     
  • Categorising the current estate and prioritising cloud migration
  • Map current IT estate to cloud technologies and techniques
  • Design cloud solutions based on customer service level
  • Calculate costs of ownership in the cloud
  • Build migration plans for moving current estate to cloud
  • Capture the existing security compliance of the current IT estate
  • Capture the opportunities where automation can be applied


  • Ensure best value from cloud vendors based on requirements
  • Remain secure while transferring and operating in the cloud
  • Plan for smooth cloud migrations with minimal business interruptions
  • Ensure best cost of ownership in the cloud
  • Ensure design meet the security NCSC security in the Cloud
  • Plan for possible automation, continues development and continues deployment