For Customers building their own Agile DevOps Delivery capability. ADCs are highly collaborative facilities that employ agile methodologies and DevOps ways-of-working to rapidly deliver user-centric services to market. The centres drive a culture of collaboration, implementing multi-disciplined DevOps teams, blending customer and supplier capability for a truly One-Team approach.


  • Transformation through a culture of DevOps and Agile at Scale
  • Customer can build digital services in-house using its own employees
  • Augmented with HTS DevOps, Agile, User-Centric, Cloud-native and Automation expertise
  • GDS aligned expertise, Product-oriented, customer directed, agile digital delivery centres
  • Supports multi-supplier environment with shared ways-of-working, standards and culture
  • Rapid start-up, capability growth and cultural transformation of organisation
  • HTS can design, build, operate and transfer operations to customer
  • Legacy transformation and re-platforming to Cloud, Cloud-native development and DevOps
  • HTS can provide multi-device mobile application capability
  • Optional Channel shift through business process re-engineering and Service Design


  • Accelerate IT Transformation journey and time to market
  • Can significantly increase product quality and reduce technical debt
  • Improve Live Service operational efficiency through monitoring and reporting tools
  • Can help increase business agility, efficiency and performance improvements
  • Technology Agnostic and User centric approach
  • Access to expertise the customer needs whilst they retain control
  • Located where the customer needs us - Centres throughout UK
  • Empowered multi-discipline squads with all the required roles
  • Sustainable capability growth and consistent working practices