Hyper Talent Solutions Big Data Discovery Service can support cloud services and provide cost-effective opportunities to investigate potential benefits from big data capabilities, employing an agility driven discovery methodology. This service is designed to enable departments to discover values and generate evidence to support creation of big data change programme.


  • Can help to link and match "POLE" data
  • Can help to detect anomalous behaviour and the insider threat
  • Can drive earlier compliance; can help identify and manage risks
  • Can enable reduction of fraud and error across public domains
  • Can support preventative maintenance through predictive and prescriptive modelling
  • Can help support integrated, evidence led policy-making
  • Can assist in transforming services for buyer


  • Can undertake on an enterprise grade integrated big data platform
  • Enterprise-ready pre-packaged technologies can enable rapid evaluation of big data
  • Can offer mechanisms for building big data benefits evidence base
  • Can help to understand big data requirements prior to procurement
  • Discovery service can be delivered on-site or via cloud
  • Can evaluate potential real data, validating the outcome
  • Can offer scope for cost-effective discovery
  • Can offer scalable size and duration of the discovery