HTS can provide Agile coaching and support to organisations that wish to implement and embed Agile ways of working across their business and IT function through coaching and embedding coaches into Agile teams. HTS can apply deep agile and lean knowledge, coaching, facilitation, training and mentoring.


  • Can work to embed-standards and methods as set-by Government Digital-Service
  • Can build the culture that supports Agile ways of working
  • Can work with teams on adoption of chosen Agile methods
  • Can work with teams to build understanding of Agile
  • Can work with teams to embed Agile ways of working
  • Can work with organisations to address barriers to adopting Agile
  • Can apply deep Agile and lean knowledge
  • Can apply coaching, facilitation, training and mentoring
  • Can provide Agile coaches to transfer knowledge and build capability
  • Can support delivery and implementation of Cloud services


  • Can provide experienced resources to build in-house capability
  • Can provide experienced resources manage peaks in demand
  • Can address barriers to adoption of Agile
  • Can provide technical and cultural change support
  • Can provide single source for resources, coaching, facilitation, training, mentoring
  • Can work at enterprise or team level
  • Can leverage experience form other organisations.