With an understanding of the opportunities that cloud/platform-based business models and technology affords, Hyper Talent Solutions provides the latest thought-leadership and strategy services, preparing our clients for their digital future. We build a sustainable digital capability which enables our clients to redesign their services around digital and cloud.


  • Develop a robust digital strategy 
  • Align technology, people and processes
  • Design cost-effective digital public services
  • Identify service redesign savings, against current costs of service delivery
  • Design full-stack Business, Data Application and Technology solutions
  • Develop service capability on user experience (UX), user interface (UI)
  • Ensure digital services are designed around user needs and data
  • Design and develop platform-neutral, scalable applications
  • Advise and implement the latest technologies, standards & methodologies
  • Sourcing and procurement strategy


  • Outline an appropriate vision and strategy
  • Provide a service transformation roadmap
  • Structure people, process and technology effectively
  • Design cost effective services
  • Align service delivery enabled by appropriate technology
  • User need seeded enriched service provision
  • Design user experience focused, end-to-end fulfilment services
  • Reusable component based capabilities and products
  • Smart sourcing, procurement and maintenance of digital capability
  • Deliver, agile, scalable, flexible platform based business models and services