Digital transformation services to deliver user-focused cloud and web-based services to GDS Digital by Default service standards. Suited to moving legacy solutions, applications and Infrastructure to the Cloud. Consultation on adopting Agile or Waterfall practice including product management, governance, culture, WebOps, analysis and development. Suitable for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS.


  • Legacy to cloud service transformation
  • Identifying channel shift opportunities for cost and efficiency benefits realisation
  • Consultation, transformation management, product management, delivery management
  • Spans technical architecture, development, design, DevOps and WebOps
  • User research, business analysis, performance analysis, data analysis
  • Transformation and coaching of delivery approach across Waterfall to Agile
  • Supplier evaluation, selection and ongoing delivery management
  • Organisational discovery, Digital vision, Customer needs assessment
  • Service and capability mapping, Pain points, Cost benefit analysis
  • Outcomes identification


  • Service accomplished in delivering to Digital by Default standards
  • Facilitates management, technical and analysis requirements to enable digital transformation
  • Enables digital transformation in line with Government requirements
  • Flexible commercial model including T&M, deliverables and outcome based
  • Upskilling and transfer of digital transformation skills to in-house services
  • Swift deployment of teams and resources to multiple UK sites
  • A prioritised view of how to digitally transform your organisation
  • An understanding of your business capability needs and key benefits
  • Understanding how your organisation currently meets business capabilities
  • Buy-in to your roadmap from all layers of the organisation