HTS’s Agile Maturity Assessment, for Cloud and self-hosted environments, helping to deliver value faster, can assess Agile understanding and uptake across an organisation’s divisions/levels using HTS’s certified Scrum Masters and practitioners to make recommendations for improvement that can lead to reductions in mean-time-to-recovery, defect counts, time-to-market and faster feature delivery.


  • Can define short and long-term improvement plans
  • Can make recommendations for process or methodology
  • Can advise on build pipeline design
  • Can advise on automated test implementation


  • Can help gather metrics to define process bottlenecks
  • Can help quantify opportunities for improvement
  • Can help reduce mean-time-to-recovery
  • Can help reduce defect counts
  • Can help provide enhanced IT flexibility and responsiveness
  • Can help reduce operating costs
  • Can help decrease risk, improve governance
  • Can help increase Buyer’s control over IT service providers
  • Can help reduce large software suites and associated costs