Whilst DevOps is applicable to many cloud enabled solutions it is especially applicable to the delivery and ongoing support of modern Big Data platforms. Hyper Talent Solutions can deploy experienced consultants that can design, deliver and support your big data solution whilst leveraging the benefits of DevOps.


  • Define and deploy modern Big Data platforms
  • CI/CD DevOps Best Practices for Big Data
  • Cloud neutral supporting AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Big Data Architecture - designing the data platform
  • Big Data Ingestion - populating the data platform
  • Big Data Transformation - data cleansing , conversion and enrichment
  • Big Data Management - governing and maintaining the data
  • Big Data Optimisation - tuning and refining the data platform
  • Tool enabled DevOps Delivery with Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration


  • Apply agile DevOps practices to deliver rapid results
  • Be empowered to experiment with data
  • Remove the fear of failure of big data initiatives
  • Make data delivery responsive to your needs
  • Ensure good data delivery and management is BAU
  • Enabling the business to consume rather than source the data
  • Respond to emerging best practices and new technologies
  • Ensure latest security measures and protections are in place
  • Be prepared for evolving future data requirements
  • Enable real time analytics and data science