OPA Centre of Excellence (CoE)

An OPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides a structure and framework for education, development and support of rulebase driven projects using OPA. The CoE supports and validates that standards are followed and that the CoE team works collaboratively to produce solutions which maximizes the use of the technology and the capability of the CoE team. The OPA Consulting team can support and help you set-up a CoE quickly by providing guidance on the governance that works best, the project team roles required, the minimum standards needed and the best practices that will develop the CoE into an extremely useful part of your OPA implementation strategy.

A CoE can bring many benefits to your organization and some of these are highlighted below:

  • Rulebases are not developed in isolation and components are shared and reused.
  • Environments and supporting technologies (i.e. source control, web hosting systems, test environments), are shared and their use maximised leading to reduced costs and implementation time-lines.
  • Training is co-ordinated and shared across the CoE to ensure maximum take-up. Trainers become CoE specialists and can provide more specific knowledge of the use and application of the technology and methods.
  • A staff career structure can be developed to promote staff and improve retention.
  • Common data models are developed which makes future integration and reuse of rulebases possible.
  • A single point of contact for the CoE is developed to liaise and learn from other CoEs, OPA support groups, forums etc.
  • Ability to market internally in order to be able to increase use of the technology and grow rule development practice.
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Helping you to establish your Centre of Excellence

Oracle Consulting has substantial experience designing, developing and supporting OPA powered solutions globally. In addition, Oracle Consulting has closely supported

organisations establishing their own CoE by providing the following services:

  • Supporting the establishment and framework of the CoE.
  • Providing guidance on CoE best practices.
  • Seeding the CoE document library with templates.
  • Providing guidance on CoE roles and responsibilities.
  • Supporting estimation and planning activities.
  • Providing experienced training to the CoE team.
  • Supporting technical architecture installation and configuration.
  • Helping establish day-to-day working practices.
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Success Stories 1

How We Are Different

The Oracle Consulting team is focused exclusively on Oracle Technologies, and we have the experts that others turn to for leading practices in Oracle hardware and software implementations. We know how to best optimize your investment in Oracle products and can provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services throughout your ownership experience.

SOA Center of Excellence (COE)

A SOA Center of Excellence (COE) advances an organization’s SOA maturity level in order to meet the need to quickly transform complex business processes for agility, visibility and efficiency. A SOA COE provides credibility to key stakeholders by taking an architectural approach in context with organizational strategies and priorities, and by providing standards for consistently implementing the larger suite of SOA software in order to meet broader requirements using best practices and lessons learned. The Oracle SOA Center of Excellence Service will help you learn more about taking full advantage of SOA and provide your organization with the perfect opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of SOA within your organization. Oracle will help you identify the right path for analysis, development, deployment, and management of your SOA environment. Oracle SOA specialists can take you step-by-step down the path of creating a SOA Center of Excellence - or we can enable your staff by providing all of the materials for the Center of Excellence.

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The Oracle SOA Center of Excellence Service provides the following:

  • SOA COE environment/infrastructure setup.
  • Services requirements analysis setup (Functional and non-functional)
  • SOA Roadmap and project planning
  • Staffing plans and organizational models
  • Preliminary SOA Governance needs analysis

Major Deliverables

  • Introductory session about SOA discussing benefits for your own organization.
  • Highlighting any possible system weaknesses currently impacting your company’s business that can be solved with a typical SOA approach.
  • Review of your organization’s possible approach to SOA with reference to your current IT Portfolio, application and server architectures.
  • Introduction to the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) SOA Approach and recommendations for migrating to SOA.
  • Formal presentation of findings and possible benefits after discussions with your team.
  • Knowledge transfer to your team during a review phase and presentation.