Cloud Integration Solution


As the proliferation of cloud platforms, application delivery models, and digital transformation initiatives expands, so does the complexity of integrating key business processes across legacy, PaaS, and SaaS platforms. As more technology consumption is happening outside the firewall, new skill sets and operational management practices are required to ensure security, reliability, and performance of integrated workloads.

When executing on a Digital Transformation initiative leveraging legacy workloads, the biggest challenge is mapping to an external API provided by a cloud-native technology or service. Or worse, there is no API available, and the challenge to leverage existing assets grows exponentially.



HTS profoundly understands applications, databases, and cloud platforms.

We support major integration platforms — including Oracle, Mulesoft and Informatica to ensure our clients’ digital transformation initiatives and visions can be realized. Leveraging our experience in the SOP, SOA, RESTful, and SOAP principals, HTS ensures consistent, secure, reliable, and performant integrations across cloud platforms and services.