Master Data Management

Master Data Management from HTS Information Management Services helps ensure that decision makers work from a single version of the truth.

Data is your organisations' most valuable asset. When mixed and matched in the right ways, it can reveal new opportunities, unseen threats, and areas for business improvement. While mountains of data are collected to capture valuable intelligence, information is often scattered across the business. Living in multiple and often overlapping locations–from application silos to spreadsheets on personal computers–knowledge is hard to attain, share and apply in an effective, meaningful way.

Master Data is the critical business information supporting the transactional and analytical operations of an enterprise. Accurate master data results in providing faster product introduction cycles, improved ability to cross-sell/up-sell and a seamless customer experience across channels/brands/functions, etc.

HTS offers an end-to-end suite of Master Data Management (MDM) Services to address MDM needs for every critical master data domain and industry. HTS services range from offering consulting services to building a business case for a standalone MDM program, building a data governance framework, developing a data platform to support a transformation initiative, implementing COTS products and undertaking sustenance programs.