Data Integration

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The IT world has evolved, and the way in which companies run and manage their data has changed. No longer is data integration done through individual tools optimised to handle specific types of data. Organisations now employ numerous tools from a variety of vendors in order to access and retrieve business intelligence scattered across numerous applications and databases. Because data integration plays a critical role in business processes, it is pivotal to ensure companies have a solid solution to manage their data integration needs.

HTS strong expertise in Data Integration related areas helps enterprises differentiate at the front and standardise at the core. HTS has extensive experience in implementing solutions using market-leading Data Integration tools.

HTS Data Integration offerings include:

  • Data Integration Architecture Consulting and Definition – help organisations align Data Integration technology with the growth needs of the business. Organisations are able to handle increased data volumes and complexity using this service.
  • Batch Data Integration Services – help handling of Data Integration requirements of high-volume batch services, real-time services and unstructured data. It aims to optimise the Data Integration infrastructure to handle increased data volumes and achieve more with less, by using the appropriate integration components in the overall architecture.
  • Technology Migration, Data Integration Administration and Performance Optimisation – are services that ensure efficiency in managing the Data Integration environment in terms of optimal hardware, software and people. They help optimise the overall cost of running the Data Integration environment to meet business requirements.
  • Application Integration – ensures that data movement between multiple applications is optimised to keep the Data Integration environment easy to maintain. It is also important in order to avoid duplication of data in multiple places and to cater to the business requirements promptly to enable quicker decision making.