Data Center Assesment

How do you ensure you are getting the best out of your data centre?

HTS Data Centre Assessment gives you a detailed view of your data centre infrastructure, to identify main areas for improvement. We make expert recommendations to help you meet your business and IT objectives.

HTS Data Centre Assessment is a vendor-independent assessment of the physical facility and operating practices of your current or prospective data centre. It reviews the physical facilities: power, cooling, security, processes and procedures. At the end of the assessment we will provide you with a report based on our findings that:

  • Details the current state of your data centre
  • Recommends 'Immediate wins'—improvements you can achieve rapidly and with little investment
  • Provides recommendations on how to align your data centre with your business and IT objectives

Our experts spend time on site, interviewing business and IT stakeholders to understand their objectives and analysing the current condition of your data centre against those objectives to identify any gaps.

Benefits: Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Compliance and Prepare for the Future

Implementing our recommendations could:

  • Increase your data centre's capability and performance in line with business requirements
  • Help you prepare for future change or site relocation
  • Contribute to operational cost savings
  • Help you improve data centre resilience and reduce risk
  • Support your data centre vision and strategy
  • Assist in preparations for external audits of regulatory compliance