Workday Consultancy Services

HTS Workday consultancy services has full service Finance and HR transformation consultancy. We have many successful Financials and HCM Workday deployments across public and private sectors, medium to large -sized businesses.


  • Deploy a single system of record for Finance and HR
  • Access to real-time financial information, with strong audits and controls
  • Provide complete coverage for required reporting
  • Support employee and manager’s self-service requests, eliminating manual efforts
  • Provide best practice, streamlined work processes across business processes
  • Minimize investment in hardware, software maintenance, and application upgrades
  • Develop an integration framework for 3rd party applications
  • Enable your organization to deploy and maximize the system functionality
  • Reduce the cost of change and increase efficiencies



  • 100% deployment success and 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • Undergo business transformation with cost-effective modern technology
  • Track record of delivering deployments on-time and within budget
  • Minimize project risk with Workday’s Delivery Assurance oversight and engagement
  • Seamless deployment, provided by experts in the Workday Methodology
  • Workday Methodology uses iterative prototyping, constantly improving on customer data
  • Apply time and cost savings to maximize adoption and training
  • Enjoy flexibility to make changes post-deployment without extensive customization